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Acquisition Update:

Varsity Facility Services, Inc (VFS) has been acquired by KBS, Inc, effective August 17, 2017.

VFS is a leader in the facility services industry with operations that span the United States and Canada. It has been providing services for more than 60 years and was founded by Don Aslett and Arlo Luke while they were college students. Since then, VFS has become a well-respected and successful company through its focus on discipline and the innovative use of technology to increase reliability, responsiveness and waste reduction. The company will continue to be led by Eric Luke and other VFS management.

KBS also is a well- respected provider of building services throughout the United States and Canada. Working primarily in the retail market sector. KBS, through the VFS acquisition, will expand its market sector reach to include all of the diverse sectors served by VFS.

Both KBS and VFS management and shareholders are excited about the combined KBS / VFS market place strength and are looking forward to opportunities to come and to long-term success, working with their combined customer base.

Gary Penrod and Associates, Inc (GPA), through the efforts of Christi Rohmer and Gary Penrod, worked as advisors to VFS throughout the acquisition process.


Regards, Gary
Gary Penrod, CBSE
Managing Associate, Gary Penrod and Associates, Inc.

PS I invite you to contact me directly about any questions or comments that you may have about what is written here.  Also, please feel free to contact me about any questions that you may have about the acquisition process, valuation, or about companies that may be for sale.  gp


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